• Boxer uprising in China
    • End Date: 1901
    • Significance: Rebellion against foreign influence in areas such as trade, politics, religion and technology
    • Location: China
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems


  • Two Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright build a powered glider that flies
    • End date 1903
    • Significance Powered Flight
    • Location: Dayton Ohio USA
    • Theme Technology


  • Panama Canal is openedght
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Increase in trade and shortening of time for voyage from coast
    • Location: Panama
    • Theme: Economics and Technology

  • World War I
    • End Date: 1918
    • Significance: Released tensions after many years of conflicting interests within the major powers of Europe. Dramatically reduced the power of Germany and the other Central Powers, while establishing the Allies as the main world powers. Also partially fueled the Russian Civil War
    • Location: Europe
    • Theme: Global Interaction


Russian revolution Timeline USSR 1917 -1991


  • Influenza Pandemic
    • End Date: 1919
    • Significance: Killed 25 million people around the world, showed how easily a virus can spread in the close confines of trenches and cities.
    • Location: World
    • Theme: Continuity and change