Danny (Dumbo) is a spoof of Dumbo (1941).



  1. Cast Video/"Look Out for Big Bird"
  2. "Tillie (Casey, Jr.)"/Big Bird Brings a Delivery from Penny
  3. Danny's Appearance
  4. "Song of the Roustabouts"
  5. The Parade
  6. Danny’s Bath/Mother and Son Bond
  7. Smee makes Fun of Danny/Penny Goes Wild
  8. The Gossips/Bernard's Appearance
  9. Bernard meets Danny/Hook's Idea
  10. In Hook's Ship
  11. Pyramid of Pachyderms
  12. The Aftermath
  13. Danny and the Clowns/Bernard Almost Forgot
  14. "Bebe Mine"
  15. "The Clowns Song"/Danny Gets the Hiccups/The Bucket
  16. "The Pink Elephants on Parade"
  17. Meet Barney and the Crow Brothers ("When I See a Boy Fly")
  18. The Hard Life of Danny/The Magic Feather
  19. The Flight Test
  20. The Surprising Finale/"When I See a Boy Fly (Reprise)"