FANDOM 23:22, 29 October 2008 (UTC)==Kings in England during the 14th Century== Edward I (1272-1307) b. 1239 Edward II (1307-deposed 20 Jan. 1327; died 12 Sept. 1327) b. 1284 Edward III (1327--personal rule 1330)b. 1312, Richard II (1377-1399--personal rule May 1389) b. 6 Jan. 1367.

French Kings in the 14th CenturyEdit

Philippe IV "le Bel" (r. 1285-1314) Louis X (r. 1314-1318) Philippe V (1318-1323) Charles IV (1323-1328)--END OF CAPETIAN DYNASTY Philippe VI (1328-1350)--BEGINNING OF VALOIS DYNASTY Jean II "le Bon" (1350-1364) Charles V "le Sage" (1364-1380) Charles VI (1380-1422); bn. 1358


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  • Francis Petrarch (Franceswco Petrarca), Italian poet was born.
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  • Hundred Years War begins
    • End Date: 1453
    • Significance:
    • Location: Europe
    • Cause: In 1328, the French king died without any heirs. Edward III, the English King, had a good claim to the French throne. Eleanor, his French mother, was the ex-French king's aunt. A French faction attempted to crown somebody whose claim was not as good as Edward's. The new king attacked Edward's land in southwest France, sparking the war.
    • Effect:
    • Theme:


  • 24 June-Battle of Sluys
    • End Date:
    • Significance: Opening battle of the Hundred Year's War between England and France. King Edward III leads the English Fleet to crush the French, putting the French Navy out of action for most of the war.
    • Location: The North Sea
    • Cause:
    • Effect: French Navy crippled, inactive for rest of war
    • Theme: