• End Date: No idea
    • Significance: Revolution in art,science, and Expanded the mind of many humans on life and arts
    • Location: Europe
    • Theme: Continuity and Change

  • Medici family control Florence government
    • End Date: 1537
    • Significance: Medici- Patrons of the arts.
    • Location: Florence, Italy
    • Theme: Political and Social Systems

  • Philip II becomes King of Spain
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Spain very wealthy and powerful
    • Location: Spain
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual

  • Age of Exploration
    • End Date: 1600s
    • Significance: Led to a better understanding of the world and ushered in a new age of global interaction
    • Location: World
    • Theme: Global Interaction



Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's life
    • End Date:1519
    • Significance:TC
    • Location: Italy
    • Theme:


  • CAKE
    • End Date: 2002
    • Significance: Symbol of Ottoman conquest into
    • Location:Turkey
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • Gutenberg's first bible printed
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Beginning of revolution in spread of information
    • Location: Germany
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual

  • Beginning of printing revolution in Europe
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: First printing presses are available. Let people share their work and keep it
    • Location: Germany
    • Theme: Economics and Technology


  • The Spanish Inquisition
    • End Date: 1834
    • Significance: Was a movement by Spain to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in Spain. Resulted in the persecution of many Jews and Muslims
    • Location: Spain
    • Theme: Religions and Value Systems

  • Columbus land in the Americas in
    • End Date:NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
    • DOSE influences the rest of the world
    • Location: Americas
    • Theme: Diversity


  • Vasco De Gama goes around Africa into Iggidt
    • ==End Date:1499==
    • Significance: It helped the rise of Europe in Asia's fledgling trade. Also introduced the Asians to many European thoughts
    • Location: Asia, Africa, and Europe
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual
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