• Pedro Alvares Cabril claims BrGTRESAARFHHUJKLKIJJJJJJ
    • End Date:8900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • Significance:
    • Location:Brazil
    • Theme:Global Interconternentel champion Y2J




  • Christopher Columbus dies
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: The discoverer of the Americas dies alone and ashamed. Columbus thought that he failed to discover the valuable spices of Asia.
    • Location: Valladolid, Spain
    • Theme: Effect of People/ Impact of the individual
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>battle of lexington

  • Battle of Diu
    • End Datilty
    • Significance:Marked the beginning of Portuguese dominance in the Spice Trade
    • Location:Diu
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Malacca seized
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Portugal gains control of vital location in the Asian spice trade
    • Location:Malacca
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Ponce De Leon discovers Florida
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Discovery of new lands gives possibilities for colonization and expansion of empires
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Martin Luther Posts his 95 Theses
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Sparked the Protestant Revolution
    • Location:Germany
    • Theme:Impact of the Individual
  • Ottomans defeat Mamluks
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Ottomans gain control of Egypt, Arabia, and the Levant
    • Location:Egypt
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Cortes conquers Aztecs
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Spain acquires newfound wealth
    • Location:Americas
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Battle of Mohacs
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance:Ottomans conquer Kingdom of Hungary
    • Location:Hungary
    • Theme:Global Interaction


  • Pizzaro leads conquest of Incas
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance:Incas conquered in the name of Spain
    • Location:South America, area around Peru
    • Theme: Global Interaction
  • Church of England breaks away
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance:Henry becomes the head of the Church of England, starts the Anglican Church
    • Theme:Impact of the Individual


  • Start of Reign of Ivan the Terrible
    • End Date: 1584
    • Significance: The death of Ivan's Son marked the end of the Rurik Dyn. and the beginning of the time of troubles
    • Location: Russia
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • Shaanxi Earthquake
    • End Date: n/a
    • Significance: Deadliest known earthquake, much of China destroyed
    • Location: China
    • Theme:Continuity and Change


  • Philip II comes to power in Spain
    • End Date:1598
    • Significance: Makes Spain the most powerful nation in Europe (the Golden Age)
    • Location: Spain
    • Theme: Impact of the Individual


  • French Wars of Religion
    • End Date:1598 . 
    • Significance: Religious wars between Catholics and Huguenots (French Protestants)
    • Location: France
    • Theme: Religion and Value Systems


  • Francis Drake circumnavigates globe
    • End Date:1580
    • Significance:
    • Location: Second person to circumnavigate the globe, made tons of money
    • Theme: Global Interaction

  • Spanish Armada
    • End Date:n/a
    • Significance: King Philip of Spain sent armada, 131 ships, to attack England. fleet became fragmented, was defeated by the British
    • Location: Spain/England
    • Theme: Global Interaction


  • "Time of Troubles" in Russia
    • End Date: N/A
    • Significance: Russia descends into anarchy when the Rurik dynasty died out. Order was restored when the first of the Romanov czars was crowned
    • Location: Russia
    • Theme: Political & Social Systems
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