This is a timeline that combines Real history and fictional history.

Formation of the UniverseEdit

  • 13.7 ± 0.2 billion years ago {13,700 million years ago, or megaanna (Ma)}: estimated age of the universe according to the Big Bang theory
  • 13,600-13,500 Ma: First stars begin to shine
  • 13,200 Ma: age of the oldest known star in the galaxy, HE 1523-0901.
  • 13,100 Ma: Galaxies form
  • 12,700 Ma: age of the quasar CFHQS 1641+3755
  • 9,000 Ma: Earliest Population I, or Sunlike stars.

The earliest Solar SystemEdit

Hadean EonEdit

Proterozoic EonEdit



 *1,600 Ma: Mesoproterozoic Era and Calymmian Period start. Platform covers expand.


 *1,000 Ma: Grenville orogeny ends. Neoproterozoic Era and Tonian Period starts. First radiation of acritarchs. Rodinia starts to break up. First vaucherian algae.

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